Whilst staying in Miami for a family cruise we thought we couldn’t go home without seeing the Everglades National Park and at least one alligator. We drove for a few hours to get to Florida before we reached a place where you could go on a tour across the Everglades and been shown the wildlife. I don’t remember the name of this place but there was a little gift shop where you could buy the tickets and also lot’s of animal merchandise to buy. On the wall near the counter was a newspaper cut with a man standing next to an Anaconda which has spilt open as it ate an alligator. Out the back was also a little farm which added something to the place and also a alligator stage too. The place was a bit scary at first as it’s like something you’d see in the movies and you don’t expect to ever come back. After waiting around for a few minutes we joined the next tour boat. There was around 10-15 people per boat and the guide carried a gun just in case something was to happen which was a tad scary. Everyone was given ear plugs to protect our ears from the noise the boat made. The noise was actually a lot louder than I thought it was going to be but the tour guide made sure he spoke loud and when the boat wasn’t moving so fast. The Everglades was just a flat surface of water with lots of grass and plants growing in it. Every now and then you would see poles and trees from the water with all birds nests in and lot’s of wildlife.

I loved it when the boat went really fast through the water like an extreme ride at a theme park. There was another boat also on the water looking for alligators so we had to wait until they had finished taking photographs and then we could. We saw two alligators in two separate locations and the tour guides always remembered where they were unless they had swam off. I was expecting to see alligators everywhere as it’s such a vast amount of water and we did travel quite far in to that you couldn’t see land around you at all. It was great to see and photograph the two alligators in their natural habitat. There are quite a few places around the Everglades where you can take tours. I would love to go back one day and spend more time visiting the other areas of the Everglades.Miami Everglades

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