Also whilst your in Las Vegas well whenever I’m in America I like to start the day early and make sure I get as much done in that day as I can. I also think you shouldn’t waste time sitting around a pool all day or visiting the beach unless you really need a day to relax as there’s so much to do in America it’s a shame if you miss something. Anyway after visiting the Hoover Dam the next day we thought we would visit the Grand Canyon. Well at first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go and visit a big hole in the ground but as soon as I ran out the car towards the Grand Canyon I realised just how wow it was and how large it was too, it just takes your breath away and it’s actually one of the best things I have ever seen it was incredible.

I could have sat looking at the valleys and different colours in the rocks for hours. Unfortunately we were at the wrong end of the Grand Canyon so I didn’t get to go on the Skywalk which was a shame as it was 200 miles away. There are many activities you can do whilst you’re at the Grand Canyon such as having a helicopter ride over the Canyon, getting a boat through the Canyon as there are rivers running through it and also visiting the Skywalk which is a glass platform that takes you out into the Canyon. The Grand Canyon is a must visit whilst you’re in Las Vegas some hotels in Las Vegas have a helicopter pad on their roofs so they can fly you to the Grand Canyon if you didn’t rent out a car.america landmarksdriving to the grand canyonedge of the grand canyongrand canyon 2007road to the grand canyonview of the grand canyon