Whilst on a Royal Caribbean cruise from Miami the first port was Key West. My grandparents and parents visited Key West years ago and they drove their from Miami which takes a few hours. Key West was one of the interesting islands I was looking forward to visiting out of all the ones in the Bahamas. On docking we decided to walk into town as everything is quite close to the shore. We walked around and had lunch at Denny’s and also had dessert at this Kermit’s Key West Lime Shoppe. We went on a tram tour and the guy drove around the streets telling us all the history and also made everyone laugh with say comments to the people in the street. He shouted out that there was a lot of crime in the area to this couple walking around the street they turned around and was quite shocked. There isn’t much crime in Key West due to the island being small and that there’s only one way in and one way out which is the bridge that takes you to Miami. After eating we paid to go into the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory which was nice to do. There were a lot of wooden houses some new some old. Plenty of Aloe Vera products and just stores selling Aloe Vera products.

Most of the stores were boutiques and sold handmade products such a jewellery and pottery. One of the land marks you have to see is big buoy which is the most Southernmost Point. Luckily there wasn’t many people waiting to take photos but I know on busy days you could be waiting a while. I wish I could of spend more than a day in Key West and I really loved everything about it, its a perfect place to retire too. I would love to come here for a couple of days or a week in the future.Majesty of the seas royal Caribbean Bahamas cruise in Key WestOLYMPUS DSC02502Majesty of the seas royal Caribbean Bahamas cruise in portMajesty of the seas royal Caribbean Bahamas cruise in the bahamasKey West cruise tour