I love flying to Miami and catching a cruise down to the Caribbean. I flew to Miami and stayed in a hotel for two nights and then drove down to the port to catch a cruise to the Bahamas. The Majesty of the Seas was stopping at Key West, Free Port, Nassau and Coco Cay which is the private island. I was looking forward to visiting Key West and Nassau the most as they are the most well known out of the islands. The cruise ship was really nice and as all ways the food was really good. This is one of my first cruises to the Bahamas so I’m excepting to do lot’s of shopping and relaxing on beaches.

I didn’t know that the Bahamas consisted of over 700 islands which is crazy. There are certain times of the year when the cruises don’t dock in the Bahamas due to bad weather. The cruise is about 4 days long and it’s a lot cheaper than the cruises in Europe. I’m looking forward to relaxing for the day on Coco Cay which is Royal Caribbean’s private island. My family and I all got a balcony on the cruise as it’s nice to sit out there in the sun when the deck is really full. So far I have only ever been on Royal Caribbean ships and I seem to have no problems with them at all. I love the skyline in Miami of all the buildings and bridges as you get towards all the cruise ships.
Majesty of the seas royal Caribbean Bahamas cruise

Majesty of the seas royal Caribbean Bahamas cruise review

DSC02502Majesty of the seas royal Caribbean Bahamas cruise in miami