Whilst driving down Long Beach to head to San Diego my family and me stopped off to visit the Queen Mary as we heard it was docked there. We were surprised that there was also the Midway Aircraft carrier docked near by too. I don’t know much about the US Aircraft carriers but my dad and brother were keen to book up a tour after we had visited the Queen Mary. The Aircraft carrier had a few people walking around but it wasn’t overly crowded. The Aircraft carrier is now permanently docked and is a USS Midway Museum. General admission is around $18-$20 depending if you book online or on the same day.

The Midway Aircraft carrier is one of the longest serving aircraft carriers in America once on board you can enjoy a number of activities such as the two flight stimulators and a self guided audio tour. I opted for the audio tour where you get to listen to the history of the Aircraft carrier whilst you walk around at your own pace. You can explore all the desks on board and also sit inside a number of flight aircraft which are on the top desk. Another feature is actually one that’s outside the Aircraft which is the giant statue of the kissing sailor. I have also seen the same statue in Rome in Italy last year when I was visiting. You can spend around 3 hours walking around the whole Aircraft carrier as there’s so much to see and it’s quite a large Aircraft carrier. I would definitely recommend visiting the Midway Aircraft carrier and the Queen Mary as they are close by.¬†You can find out more about the Midway Aircraft Carrier here [http://www.midway.org/]
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