I was looking forward to visiting Nassau as everyone has heard of the Atlantis Hotel. On the tours from the cruise ship there was a chance to visit the Atlantis hotel and spend the day there at the water park and to even have a tour of the hotel. My family and I decided to not waste a day at a hotel but to walk around Nassau instead. We came across a lot of well known chains such as Starbucks, Hard Rock Hotel and Dunkin Doughnuts. There were a couple of markets near the cruise ship and I bought some weaved fans as they were quite useful as it was quite hot walking around. There were lot’s of people shopping in the street mainly people from the cruise. On each stop of the cruise you can book a tour from the cruise before you dock. These tours can be quite expensive and designed for you to spend more money. You can leave the ship and find your own cruise to book but they you don’t have the back up of the cruise if something goes wrong.

Here are a couple of places worth visiting in Nassau Government House, Parliament Square, Nassau Public Library & Museum, The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Center and the Pirates of Nassau Museum. My favourite store in Nassau was called Cariloha which is a store that sells clothing and bedding and everything is made out of Bamboo fibres. I bought two pillow cases and they are so silky soft. I wish I had bought more whilst I was there. The pillow cases were quite expensive at $40 for a pair but they should last me a long time and feel really nice to sleep on.Police in Nassau cruiseGovernment House in Nassau