Whilst I was in LA I visited the Sony Pictures Studios to go on a tour around the film sets. Sony are known for their action packed films such a Men in Black and Breaking Bad. Whilst waiting in the reception area you could take a moment to look at the collection of movie memorabilia and outfits from Movies such as Spider man. I have to admit that I couldn’t leave without touching the real Spider man outfit that was in the ticket office window display. The tours run daily and the tour group is quite small so there’s a chance to see everything and take plenty of photographs. The start of the tour you get to walk past buildings where the staff were eating and they actually sometimes use it as a set as well. There were many warehouses and made up streets where films are filmed.

Also at the Sony Studios you get to see movie rooms where the producers watch back the movies and also sound rooms. In the sound room they said in films where there’s snow to make the noise of a person walking in snow all they do is record someone walking in cat litter as it’s the exact same. The tour lasted around an hour and our guide was very helpful and happy to answer any questions. I really enjoyed the Sony Pictures Studio Tour and I hope to return one day to relive it all again.Sony Pictures Tour LASony Pictures Spider ManFilm sets in LA Sony CA TravelFilm sets in LA Sony CAFilm sets in LA SonySony Pictures Public Tour Guide Travel NouvellesSony Pictures Public Tour GuideFilm Set Tour Sony Pictures LASony Pictures LA TOURwalking around Sony Pictures LASony Pictures LA Tour