Compostela Beach Hotel in Tenerife is where I stayed for a week in the summer. The hotel has its own gym, store, pc room and two swimming pools with a volley ball and table tennis area. The hotel has apartments instead of rooms which was great as I ended up with a top apartment where they had a spiral staircase that took you onto the roof with some great views. The roof top is a great place to sit and drink at night time and chat which I did every night as it was warm enough. The hotel had a great range of kid’s activities so the kids will never be bored. The hotel is walking distance to stores and you can easily get a taxi from the entrance when you want to go out in the evening. I have stayed here before when I was younger and it has defiantly improved since then. There are a couple of pool tables and table tennis tables by the pools. Off to the left of the pools is a little supermarket which is on the site of the hotel which stock all your essential foods and products. I would recommend to walk out of the hotel to a local supermarket as it would be cheaper and to then take it back to your apartment.Compostela Beach room view Compostela Beach balcony view Compostela Beach balcony Hotel Compostela Beach Roof Top Compostela Beach Tenerife Compostela Beach Tenerife Hotel Compostela Beach Tenerife Beach Compostela Beach Tenerife View 182Compostela Beach Tenerife Sunset