The RMS Queen Mary was once a cruise liner which sailed through the North Atlantic ocean from 1936-1967 travelling from Southampton in the UK to New York in America. After the Cunard company saw their profits decrease they decided to retire the ship and it now docks at Long Beach as a tourist attraction.

Whilst driving to stay in San Diego we stopped along Long Beach to visit the Queen Mary. Not only can you take a tour of the ship but you can also stay over night in one of there suites and indulge in one of their restaurants and bars. It’s great that an old ship can be restored and used today instead of just being left to deteriorate.

The main part of the tour I remember clearly is that there was a ghost tour around the lower decks where there was an inside pool. The tour guide mentioned about ghosts and foot steps seen in water around the pool. Another bit I remember was having lunch in one of their restaurants and looking out of the port holes. After lunch we kept walking around the ship and came to a large ballroom that was empty so just to say that I have danced on the Queen Mary my brother and I decided to pretend to ballroom dance. There are a number of tickets to purchase which are called Passports. You can select day tickets for the RMS, Aquarium, Scorpion Submarine, Princess Diana Exhibition and the Haunted tour. I would definitely revisit the RMS ship in Long Beach if I ever go back there as it’s a great piece of history to see and find out about. If you want to find more information out about the Queen Mary []
Queen Mary Port Long Beach

Queen Mary docked in Long Beach

The Queen Mary Ship Tour

Boarding the Queen Mary

The view from the Queen Mary in Long Beach

Queen Mary View

Lifeboats on the Queen Mary

photography lifeboats of the queen mary in long beach


On the deck of Queen Mary in Long Beach

Queen Mary Long Beach Public Tour

Lighthouse opposite the Queen Mary Long Beach