Las Vegas isn’t just for stag dos and last minute weddings it can also be a family holiday as there are lots of family activities that can be done whether that’s riding on the rollercoaster through the New York hotel, getting a lift to the top of the stratosphere or visiting a convention. The Stratosphere is one of the tallest observation free standing towers in America which contains a hotel and casino with a viewing platform at the top with some extreme rides which hang you over the edge of the tower. The Stratosphere is an amazing place to take some photographs of the whole of Las Vegas they also have a cafe up there too so you can spend a couple of hours there just admiring the views. You can spend a couple of days in Las Vegas visiting all the hotels as each hotel has their own attractions to see such as the MGM Grand hotel has a couple of animals in the lobby of the hotel, the New York hotel has a rollercoaster and the Treasure Island hotel has two pirate ships outside the front of it. Las Vegas is a great place to visit as they show some of the best theatre shows, the best concerts and lots of films have been filmed there.ride on the stratosphere tower in las vegas rollor coaster at the stratosphere The-stratosphere-in-las-vegas thetower view from the stratosphere tower