Whilst in LA we stayed for three nights near Hollywood. I was expecting there to be lot’s of things to see and do in Hollywood but I was quite wrong as three days was enough to spend in Hollywood. Two of them days were spent at the Warner Bros studio and the Sony Pictures Studio. There is a main street area where there’s the Kodak theatre and the Chinese theatre which is where the celebrities have their award events. A long the strip of shops and theatres there’s also plenty of people dressed up as celebrities trying to attract new customers to bars and tours in the area.

I went on a nice day but even then when looking up at the Hollywood sign it was really foggy so I could hardly see it. I did have a tour of the Chinese theatre and my family were the only people on the tour which was quite strange. The tour guide showed up around the Chinese theatre where they host awards and also the lounges the celebrities sit in before hand.

The Chinese theatre looked quite old and small. We took the tour as there wasn’t much else to do there. Outside the Chinese theatre was the walk of fame and plenty of tours where you can drive past celebrity houses.My favourite bit about Hollywood was the film studios and the shopping as there is a great mixture of designer, high street and boutique stores. I don’t think I would visit Hollywood again unless it was for a couple of days again as I would like to hike up the Hollywood hills and visit the film studios again.Walk of Fame Hollywood Tom HanksWalk of Fame George ClooneyWalk of Fame in HollywoodSight Seeing in Hollywood Walk of FameWalk of Fame Travel NouvellesShirley Temple Walk of Fame HollywoodHollywood SignHollywood Walk of Fame StarsWalking around HollywoodHollywood SignsKodak Theatre in LALA HollywoodBeverly Blvd SignBeverly Hills USAvenue of the Stars SignChinese theatre Hollywood