Whilst in LA the main reason for being in LA was to visit some of the film studios before we drove on to the next County. I spent around 4 days in LA as to be honest there isn’t that much to do when your there. First stop was the Warner Brothers Studio tour. They offer group tours where you walk some of the way around the studios then for most of the tour you get driven in a buggy around the film sets. Basically a lot of the film sets were in these massive warehouses which was quite strange. On each of the warehouses were numbers and red lights telling people on the outside if they were filming or not and to be quiet. At the Warner Bros studios there was a lot of outdoor buildings and sets which were all fake. The first alleyway scene is from the film Spiderman and this is where Spiderman did that upside down kiss. Each tour group comes with a tour guide who of course knows every single film set and what it was used for.

My favourite part of the tour was going inside one of the warehouses and I saw a living room with a corridor going into another living the main objects I saw first was a dart board and a DNA structure. The tour guide asked everyone if they could guess what film set they were on and no one answered. I accidentally shouted out The Big Bang Theory as I was just so excited to be there. This is one of my favourite shows and I wished I could of seen them film live. There was an audience area opposite the set as they do live filming every Tuesday and you can buy tickets [here http://vipstudiotour.warnerbros.com/] It was so fun spending a couple of hours walking around the film set and trying to figure out what film sets you recognise from movies. I would love to visit again one day. [Visit http://vipstudiotour.warnerbros.com/ for more information]

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