Ever since I was little I have always wanted to go to the World Famous San Diego Zoo mainly as they have pandas there and I’m more likely to visit there than I am China. But of course now I can stay in the UK and visit pandas as well. I had high expectations for the San Diego zoo as they do call themselves world famous. They did not disappoint at all. This is one of the best zoo’s I have ever been too and I have been to a lot of zoos. It was at the San Diego Zoo where I got to see animals I had never seen before such as pandas, koalas and polar bears. You can either buy your tickets online or when you get there but expect long queues. There are different zoo packages that you can buy when you enter the zoo such as multi buy tickets, one day tickers or special tour tickets.

I opted for a behind the scenes tour of the Polar bear enclosure. We had a meeting point for the tour and were driven to the entrance of the polar bear enclosure. Firstly there was a polar bear that had been kept in an inside enclosure as it was being treated at the time. My first thoughts were why was the polar bear black with all white patches on it. We were told by the tour guide that polar bears skin is actually black which I didn’t know. We were shown around the area of the enclosure and learned about polar bears more. I wished there was a behind the scenes tour for the pandas enclosure and a chance to hold a baby one. When I was there it was the baby pandas birthday and they gave him a box and inside was a large ice-cube with fruit in it he had quite a lot of fun playing with it and licking it.

The panda enclosure was my favourite at the zoo even though you have to walk slowly around it, as you could imagine quite a lot of people want to view them and spend hours watching them so you couldn’t really do this. I filmed the pandas and wished I had filmed other parts of the zoo. I also got to see grizzly bears which was amazing as well and koalas that basically slept all day. The zoo has a number of gift shops around the park which I did spent quite a lot in as they had everything you could think of with animals on and great souvenirs to take home. They also had a number of restaurants and one which was high up in the trees which was a nice feeling as it felt like a tree house. I would 100% recommend the zoo as it really was the best zoo I had ever been too. I will be going back next time I go to San Diego as they also have a mini city filled with shops and malls so it’s worth a visit.

For more information on the San Diego Zoo head to the website where you can also watch live animal cams[http://zoo.sandiegozoo.org/]

San Diego Baby pandas 1st birthday with a cake USA

San Diego Baby pandas 1st birthday with a cake

San Diego Baby pandas 1st birthday

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